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RoloCharge - 180° Rotating Fast Charge Cable

RoloCharge - 180° Rotating Fast Charge Cable

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  • Tired of Stiff And Stubborn Charger Cables?

    No need to worry about bent cables and inconvenience each time you use your phone while charging. With the RoloCharge, you'll be able to use your device without restrictions.

    Whether you're lying down or doing a headstand, the RoloCharge connector rotates so that it doesn't strain you or the cable. With its durable build, the RoloCharge won't easily bend or break even with years of use.

    Why You'll Love It

    ✔ Convenient Use - The 180° rotation of RoloCharge gives you a flexible cable feature that adjusts to any activity that you take part in. Its flexibility gives you more edge in taking selfies, chatting, and gaming while charging.

    ✔ Fast Charging - Designed to give the best charging experience, the RoloCharge is a fast charging cable, beneficial for your high battery usage. With its 120W high power flash charge, you will have less downtime for entertainment.

    ✔ Light Indicator - The struggle to find your phone while charging at night is over. Built with an LED indicator, the RoloCharge is easily noticeable at night.

    ✔ High-Quality Protection - No need to worry about overheating cables. This cable is made of tough materials and layers of protection, keeping your charging experience fast and safe.

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